NY Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday – crossword puzzle clues

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 21 Oct 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Embarrassment for an art curator FAKE
2 “Sign me up!” I’M IN!
3 Headline after a toddler C.E.O. resigns, literally? BABY STEPS (DOWN)
4 Coiner of the term “generative music” BRIAN ENO
5 Certain med. specialist ENT
6 It may be cutting things close RAZOR
7 Car failure only a block from the mechanic, literally? LUCKY BREAK(DOWN)
8 About, on memos IN RE
9 Mixture of nature and technology BIONICS
10 “___ official” IT’S
11 Takes off in a hurry DASHES
12 Eye socket ORBIT
13 Takes off in a hurry SCRAMS
14 “For a massage, go that way!,” literally? THERE’S THE RUB(DOWN)
15 “Darn it all!” RATS!
16 Do for Jon Batiste AFRO
17 Drudge PEON
20 Its HQ is the Pentagon DOD
21 First country to legalize changing one’s gender identity (1972) SWEDEN
28 First African-American sorority AKA
32 Part of a circle ARC
34 Like the dress shirt that’s just adorable, literally? CUTE AS A BUTTON(-DOWN)
36 Draftable ONE-A
37 “Wise” ones OWLS
38 Chamber music group, often TRIO
40 ___ Lingus AER
41 Calf-length dresses MIDIS
42 “Not so fast!” HOLD IT!
43 Addresses a crowd ORATES
44 Firebugs PYROS
46 Signature Jacques Tati role HULOT
48 Capital of Liechtenstein VADUZ
52 Puffs up BLOATS
54 For nothing GRATIS
56 Perspectives SLANTS
58 Bore ABIDED
59 Midnight, maybe CURFEW
60 Total baller BADASS
62 Dissed with flowery language, literally? ELEGANTLY PUT (DOWN)
65 Hip-hop dance move NAE NAE
66 Classic London theater OLD VIC
67 Angled edge BEVEL
69 Snacks often paired with milk OREOS
70 “Mutiny on the Bounty” captain BLIGH
72 Underwear brand HANES
73 Punch vs. Judy, literally? PUPPET SHOW(DOWN)
77 One answer to the question “What’s your favorite music genre,” literally? JAZZ, HANDS (DOWN)
78 Agenda entry ITEM
79 Music outro effect FADE
81 Prominent parts of goblins EARS
83 Not do so well AIL
84 Haberdashery buys TIE CLIPS
87 Directive BEHEST
89 CVS rival RITE AID
91 “Alea iacta ___”: Caesar EST
93 Barbie attendee AUSSIE
94 About 10% of Russia TUNDRA
95 Afternoon hour TWO
98 Land in “The Hunger Games” PANEM
100 Bumbling INEPT
101 Orders at the Rose & Crown ALES
102 Quote from a letter RENT
103 Actor Eric BANA
105 Frustrated cry GAH!
107 ___ stick POGO
109 Pouty face MOUE
110 Urge on PROD
113 Bloody, say RED
115 Barn greeting MOO

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